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The Key To Grief Podcast

A series of interviews with people who have lost loved ones in their lives and channelled their grief into something positive that has helped themselves and others

The Marie Keating Foundation

Episode 1

Linda Keating and The Marie Keating Foundation

This episode I talk to Linda Keating, Co-Founder and Director of Fundraising at The Marie Keating Foundation. Linda talks about about how and why she decided to set up The Marie Keating Foundation together with her brother singer Ronan Keating  following the death of their mother Marie Keating to breast cancer at the age of 51, how it has helped her in her grief, and how it helps others. 

The Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust

Episode 2

Colin Bell and The Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust

This episode I talk to Colin Bell who set up The Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust together with his wife Eithne, following the death of their son Kevin Bell in a hit-and-run collision in New York in 2013.

Colin talks about Kevin, how the trust came about, how it helps people and how it has helped himself and Eithne following Kevin's death.

Hope to Cope Katherine Dolphin Griffin

Episode 3

Katherine Dolphin Griffin and 'Hope To Cope'

This episode Katherine Dolphin Griffin talks about her grief following the death of her dad Joe six years ago and how she managed to cope and help herself.

She decided to write a book about her experiences in life and what she has learnt in the hope that it would help people, to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society and Marymount Hospital and Hospice.

Episode 4

Hermione Duffy

This episode I talk to Hermione Duffy, widow of helicopter pilot Mark Duffy who tragically lost his life in the Coastguard Rescue 116 crash in Belmullet in 2017, along with three other crew members.

I talk to Hermione about how she has dealt with her grief since Mark's death, what has helped her, what she has done to help herself, and what her plans are for her future.

Hermione and Mark Duffy
Jaccinta's Smile

This episode I talk to Aishleen, Katie-Anne, and Charlotte O'Toole who set up sibling bereavement support charity Jacinta's Smile following the deaths of their three siblings Declan, Jacinta, and Fintan.

I will be talking to them about how and why they set up Jacinta's Smile, how this has helped them in their grief, and how the charity helps others.



Episode 5

Aishleen, Katie-Anne, & Charlotte O'Toole and Jacinta's Smile

Coming soon..

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