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My Journey

I'd been working through grief for many years when I began to start my own business in 2021.

I had to leave my family in 2019 at the age of 32 after a 15-year chronic illness caused by abuse in childhood, which meant it was no longer possible to stay. I left everyone in my life, and my country, over a period of around 2 years, I slowly regained my health, and that's when I started to work through my grief.

I realised a couple of years afterwards that action was key to moving forward - doing something related to what happened so that I could move forward in my life whilst honouring my loss. Helping people with grief is my action, but it is different and personal to everyone depending on who they have lost in their life, the circumstances in which they lost them, etc. 


I spent an incredible amount of time figuring out how to process my grief. I knew the only way to move forward was to honour my grief.

I completed a Grief and Bereavement Counselling Diploma, a Grief Education Programme, read several books about grief and listened to podcasts.

I created these 1:1 support programs, groups, online program, book and podcast to help people work through their grief and find peace and fulfilment after loss.



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