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Complementary Call

20 minutes @ €0.00

Peace and Hope

4x 60 minute sessions @ €219.00, Dublin

Your story is listened to in depth and you are able to share the issues and aspects that come with your grief.

You are encouraged to think about in what ways you can take the best care of yourself in your grief, and navigate your grief in the best way for yourself, and others around you.

The outcome is a sense of peace and hope for the future.

Purpose and Fulfilment

8x 90 minute sessions @ €659.00, Dublin

Your story is listened to in depth and there is an emphasis on action with your grief.

The action is personal to you and specific to your loss and your circumstances.

You are supported with issues and challenges that may arise as you start to channel your grief into something positive in order to move forward in your life.

The outcome is a new vocation or addition to your life which is helping you to process your grief, gives you purpose, and allows you to move forward in your life with fulfilment.

Follow Up

60 minutes @ €49.00, Dublin

What Clients Are Saying

Maureen Doyle


"I booked this service following the death of my Husband.

Getting in touch, and talking to Gemma, has been invaluable to me, and has enabled me to be able to move on in my grief, and also to understand and accept where I am in my journey.

I felt fully supported by Gemma, as I felt this was the first time that someone understood me, and that was so important for me.

I now have the confidence to be able to talk to friends and family around the death of my Husband, which I could not do before .

Getting in touch with Gemma, has been the decision for me, and has been hugely comforting, and beneficial to me."

Catherine O'Melia


"I booked this service to gain support in grieving the loss of my son who died in a drowning accident.

I am very pleased with the bereavement sessions I have received.

I felt very supported.

It has really helped me in moving forward.

I would gladly recommend Gemma Kelly as a support to anyone grieving. It is a supportive and affordable service."


"I heard about this service through a friend.

I am very satisfied with my experience.

I felt very supported and understood. I felt that Gemma really understood and "got" my grief and experiences.

I felt I could share and have a space to let out what I'm carrying around every day as I wouldn't talk about my grief much even though its there all the time.

I would tell someone who's considering this service to give it a go, if you are suffering and feel alone in your grief to reach out and get support."

1:1 Programs
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